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For Your Company Easy

Make Smart Apps serves clients throughout the United States and across a wide range of industries. Our clients range from online startups to Fortune 500 companies. With a vast array of projects under our belts, our experience puts us head and shoulders above our competitors. Our professional team of programmers, security professionals, and designers work with you to understand your business, online goals, and achieve measurable results.

  • UI, UX, Wireframes, and Designing

  • Applications, Mobile, and Web Development

  • IIS, Linux, Database, AWS, Code Security, and Web Security

  • SEO, SEM, Organic, Pay-Per-Click, Reputation Management, and Marketing Strategy

How its Works ?

We have completed projects from very small proprietary tools, small businesses, startups, and large organizations. Depending upon your needs everybody has a different process. Getting started can seem difficult but we want to make it as easy as possible. While our How It Works may not exactly apply to your situation we believe it applies to most.

  • First Contact

    This can be the most challenging part. Don't worry, we don't bite. During this process we will attempt to gather as much information about your project as possible to create a proposal.

  • Getting Started

    Working out exactly what your needs are can be tricky. We can offer a fixed cost solution, pay-per-instance, or pay-by-hour solution. Most jobs are a fixed cost. Once we have all of your needs we can send you a proposal letter that lists everything you're asking. In the proposal letter we work together on getting everything you need in writing in preparation for an estimate.

  • Reviewing Our Estimate

    Once you have accepted our proposal we will then send you an estimate for the project based on the proposal. Once you have accepted our estimate we will invoice you based on the estimate. We can break down a project into multiple payments in most cases. We do require a starting compensation which is calculated by the job.

  • Start To Finish

    Once you have made your first payment we will begin on the project. We provide you with an account to track progress, view your project details, invoices, and communicate with us. While giving us a call anytime is always nice we believe using our client system is effective in helping you manage your project.

Frequently Asked Questions